This is where you can find out about the person behind this whole venture. I am a son, husband, and father, who also happens to be a nemophilist, fitness freak, and a digital marketer.

Having spent 7+ years amassing knowledge in digital marketing and perfecting the art through all the experiences I’ve gained from direct involvement in marketing projects, I’m passionate about imparting all that I’ve learned to the future generation of marketers.

This is the story of a mentor who remains committed to grooming young marketing professionals that are not only effective in execution but also innovative in approach.

The Story of Me

I am a son, brother, husband, and father, living in Karachi, that beautiful mess of a city in Pakistan. Before I stepped into my professional career, I’d never thought of myself as a marketer.

Fast forward to today, and I’m leading a team of 30+ motivated marketers in what is arguably one of the toughest industries in digital marketing.

My Journey as a Digital Marketer

Before the end of my MBA, I applied in a tech startup “Gaditek,” a company. I was fortunate enough to get hired and become part of the company as an Internet Marketing Executive back in December 2011.

I look back on that day and thank the Lord for putting the idea in my head to pursue an opportunity in a tech startup.

As time passed, my interest in online marketing evolved into a passion. This same passion got me promoted from an executive position to Associate Vice President (AVP).

The journey from executive to become an AVP of a fast-growing company is not an easy one.

I have been through tons of failures and hardships. In fact, there have been times when I seriously started questioning my capabilities as a marketer. But failure is an indispensable part of learning and growth. My subsequent success in turning several projects from scratch to million dollars businesses is a testament to that.

There was a lot of persistent hard work behind all these achievements. I trained extensively in Digital Marketing concepts, including Organic Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Competitor Analysis, Data Analytics, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

My Core Values

I believe core values play a huge part in your personal growth and at the same time, it is the most challenging part of “About me” to explain here, but it’s an important one.

First, to achieve that much success in my life in just 7 years, none of that would have been possible without my perseverance. Thoughts about giving up had haunted me from time to time, especially when I was first starting out and had no single clue about pulling off sustainable marketing successes. But I persisted on.

Second, I value honesty and loyalty. Trust is paramount in successfully running any business. Other than the obvious importance of honesty and trust as moral values, all of good marketing is essentially an offshoot of upright ethical principles.

I consider myself lucky to have understood this basic principle quite early in my career. As a mentor, this is what I try to inculcate in the minds of my pupils: to treat customers (internal & external) professionally while also respecting their emotions and creating a strong relationship in the industry where loyalty is very rare to find.

Lastly, I value my country and its people. With my skills and vast experience in online marketing, I love to share all my knowledge with the youth of Pakistan who are facing difficulties in finding fruitful careers and reaching the summit of their ambitions.

My Aim

The reason why Pakistan ranks at 94th position in the list of “World Education Quality” index is due to outdated education system, lack of knowledge and direction to choose the right field that leads them towards a successful career.

Pakistan is full of talented people, but sadly due to not having the right guidance and direction, a great many of them have no clue where to start their careers and lack the opportunities to build the skill to do something of their own.

This is where I intend to offer my assistance to these talented people by developing a course for digital marketing professionals, focusing on the skills necessary to thrive in this field. The course includes:

  • Live Online Classes
  • Assignments that lead to real-time execution
  • A platform where talented minds can share their ideas (Facebook Group)
  • Opportunities to start their online businesses

Over the years, the potential that I have seen in the youth has been a source of great inspiration for me. I want to use the privileges to empower these individuals in building a career for themselves. This would be my way of giving back to this society and play my role in its progress.

I hope that the far-reaching impact of these initiatives will boost the overall economic health of the country and illuminate the career paths for talented young students, which have remained neglected for far too long. That is the ultimate aim behind my pursuits.

What I Did So Far To Spread My Knowledge?

Initially, with very high hopes, I visited several top educational institutions of Pakistan to share my bright idea of introducing “Digital Marketing” as a full-time course, but none of them showed any interest. Well never mind ☺

I didn’t stop there and kept looking for ways to share my online marketing knowledge until one of my colleagues suggested to join IDM Pakistan. IDM Pakistan is one of the best institutions to learn digital marketing skills for both individuals and corporate groups who want to boost their careers and businesses to whole new level.

Since November 2018, I am a part of IDM Pakistan as a mentor, teaching Affiliate Marketing course to hundreds of young and motivated students.

What Else I Do?

I love to travel to the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Nothing freshens up the mind than a retreat into the deeper regions of my country, the beauty of which escapes description.

Other than that, I’m a fitness buff and have been hitting the gym since 2005.

I also like to play cricket and have been a captain of winning teams in corporate tournaments.

These hobbies keep me functioning at the peak of my abilities, both mentally and physically. I firmly believe that life wouldn’t be half as fun without hobbies that contribute to your personal growth in some way.

Public Speaking

As I mentioned before, being a Digital Marketer is not the only thing that I want to achieve in my life. I love to share my knowledge and transfer my skills to those who have the passion for learning online marketing.

For this, I will accept all the relevant public speaking gigs to share my experience with individuals and businesses only in the field of Digital Marketing.

The events need to be the right place as well as timing. The hosting teams make sure to acknowledge me about the audience, like whether the participants are beginner or professionals.

All the mentioned above precautions are significant for me and your event as well. If my presentation is difficult to understand by the audience, it is a waste of their time. When I am speaking to the right audience, it can do wonders!

Still, Have Questions?

I am very thankful to you for spending your precious time to read this! If you still have any query or want to ask something, you can find me on Linkedin & Facebook @Ahsan Ahrar .



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